With plenty of Lamborghinis on its roads, sunny Miami gets its first Lamborghini on the water.

Known for its incredible supercars with lots of speed, power, and Italian luxury, as well as bold and futuristic design, Lamborghini’s cars are loved all over the world by enthusiasts, collectors, and fans. However, with the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, the Lamborghini brand leaves the road and enters the water with a stunning yacht that evokes the Lamborghini brand just as much as its roadgoing counterparts. With a beautiful Lamborghini-inspired design and a sweeping profile evocative of a supercar, and an incredible 4,000 horsepower to match, the yacht is truly an aquatic Lamborghini, and it has arrived in North America for the first time in the perfect place.

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As a yachting destination in the U.S., Miami, Florida is just about unparalleled in beauty and tropical flair. It’s a city known for its vibrant passion that makes bold and luxurious cars like Lamborghinis fit right in, and for Lamborghini’s yacht, the same is true. One of 63 examples in the world, the first North American Tecnomar for Lamborghini yacht was delivered by Lamborghini Miami and Prestige Imports to the stunning Florida waters. Powerful, bespoke, and highly exclusive, the yacht’s new owner is ready to rule the seas with something truly unique.

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Source: Lamborghini Miami