A new electric prototype will make a thunderous appearance at Goodwood.

A new 4-door, all-electric, high-performance grand tourer will make a very special appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and that car is Polestar’s new Polestar 5 development prototype. It’s an upcoming electric vehicle that is purpose-built to be the future of luxury performance cars. With an incredible 884 horsepower and 664 lb/ft of torque as targeted performance figures, it’s going to perform like no luxury 4-door GT car ever has before, and it’s the result of an incredible Polestar collaboration that spans across borders.

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Polestar, a Swedish brand, is developing the electric powertrain that will deliver the mind-blowing performance that the Polestar 5 promises, while the team that is responsible for a unique bonded aluminum chassis that will promote the dynamism and agility of the new vehicle is located in the UK. The Polestar 5 prototype is going to complete the Goodwood hill climb in the “First Glance” group, and its launch is planned for 2024 as the third of three new electric vehicles Polestar plans to launch in the next 3 years, following the Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 SUVs.

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Source: Polestar