The manufacturer posted the insane creation to their IG page.

For car enthusiasts of all kinds, modifying a vehicle with aftermarket parts seems to be a relatively common task to improve design, technology, and performance. While the market for Tesla upgrades only includes performance software updates and minor aesthetic features, owners are now forced to find ways to differentiate themselves from all other EVs on the road. In a recent Instagram post uploaded to Tesla’s page, the automotive manufacturer highlights an innovative off-road Model 3 built by a team of three friends from German. The Real Life Guys are known to their 1.47 million subscribers as YouTube stars who document do-it-yourself projects through a series of episodes.

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Johannes, Philipp, and Elisabeth (Elli) began their insane build process with a stock Tesla Model 3, which in a short period of time would be reimagined to tackle tasks never intended for any electric vehicle. The most noticeable change from the ordinary four-wheel vehicle is the pair of full-size tank tracks that establish traction on any surface imaginable, replacing the traditional factory wheel and tire setup. The build also includes off-road upgrades like a front-end brush guard, electric tow wench, rally-style LED light bar, and solar panel roof mounts to accompany the need for more electric power. Although this goes against every rule in the factory vehicle warranty, Tesla humors the one-of-a-kind build by stating “Fans make the darnedest thing” in the caption of the post. Watch The Real Life Guys put their off-road Tesla Model 3 to the test by clicking the link above. View all of the current Tesla Model 3 examples for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more luxury lifestyle releases and Tesla news.


Source: @teslamotors @the_real_life_guys