A new PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS experience is hitting the road.

The gaming world is now home to one to a collaboration with one of the world’s most iconic performance brands: McLaren. Now available in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is McLaren’s dynamic grand tourer and most luxurious model, the McLaren GT. Billed by the brand as the lightest and quickest accelerating grand tourer from the British racing brand, the GT uses its 4-liter V8 and light weight to deliver incredible performance while still being pleasurable and comfortable to drive, and now, that experience is available and customizable within the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS game.

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Players will be able to customize their GT, choosing from eleven colors, two sets of wheels, and also varying brake caliper colors for the GT’s carbon ceramic brakes. Collecting new McLaren Tokens, available to use for a limited time only, will allow players to customize McLaren GT cars to obtain a personalized, exclusive appearance for their car. The luxurious, dynamic driving experience of McLaren is just around the corner from entering the world of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

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