A new McLaren has been announced, and it’s purpose-built for the place where McLarens truly come alive.

McLaren is a brand born on the racetrack, and that racing heritage shows with everything the brand does. The dynamics and power of McLaren’s supercars are made for tight corners, long straightaways, and everything in between. The new Artura, McLaren’s latest supercar, has now gotten the customer racing treatment with the announcement of the new McLaren Artura GT4, which will make its official debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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Based on the High Performance Hybrid Artura, the new car features a V6 rather than the previous GT4’s V8, which is more powerful and efficient than its predecessor, and the car itself is 220 pounds lighter than its predecessor, as well. While the roadgoing Artura is a hybrid, GT4 requirements do not permit hybrid powertrains, but the twin-turbocharged V6 produces plenty of power on its own, and 286 pounds of weight are saved with the lack of hybrid components. Due to the lack of hybrid components, which provided the reverse gear for the roadgoing Artura’s 8-speed transmission, the transmission in the race car is changed to a 7-speed with improved ratios, and a reverse gear. The debut of the car is going to happen in true McLaren spirit, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed complete with hillclimb action, driven by McLaren factory driver Rob Bell, who won last year’s Timed Shootout Final with the McLaren 720S GT3X.

Source: McLaren