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As we know it now, the world of muscle cars is about to make a big change. The fiery combustion engines with big power, performance, and emissions are soon going to roll off the assembly line for good, and especially for brands like Dodge, known for its muscle cars, the automotive world is at an important turning point. In order to give a proper goodbye to the combustion engine muscle cars of today, Dodge has begun offering a series of “Last Call” special edition cars, starting with the Dodge Challenger Shakedown for the 2023 model year. The series will consist of a total of 7 cars, and Dodge is announcing the second one, which is an homage to an incredible classic: the Dodge Charger Super Bee.

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The new 2023 Dodge Charger Super Bee is the highest-performance Super Bee model ever produced, and it comes with drag radials to dominate the strip. Only 1,000 will be made, with 500 Charger Scat Pack versions in B5 Blue and 500 Charger Scat Pack Widebody versions in Plum Crazy. For the 2023 model year, these classic colors will be brought back along with classic colors like Sublime green and Destroyer Grey, bringing the total color options for Charger and Challenger cars to 14 for 2023. As the era of the combustion engine muscle car comes to a close for Dodge, it gets a proper farewell and goes out with a bang, and some sweet-sounding V8 revs.

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