Presented by Hill Helicopters.

It only takes a quick glance at the stunning HX50 to see why it’s attracting attention from would-be owners at a pace that has surprised Jason Hill, chief engineer and CEO of Hill Helicopters. And the appeal is global.

This is a helicopter that would not be out of place in the most exuberant action movie; it belongs on the deck of a super yacht, on a remote mountain top, on a private island.

Everything about the HX50 says glamour and luxury and power, but there is much more to it than that. Apart from accommodating 5 passengers and their luggage comfortably for a 5-hour flight, cruising at 140 knots, and enjoying views that are nothing less than sensational, there are some very practical aspects to this aircraft.

In fact, the aim was to design a helicopter that every pilot would love to fly and find easy to fly. And so, from the beginning, owners have been kept in close contact during the development progress.

Going back further, Jason Hill’s singular idea from an early age was to create the first truly private helicopter, and in doing so give a much overdue shake-up to the aviation industry. Thus, Hill is using the latest technological innovations, designing their own engine, digital cockpit, and avionics, and manufacturing their own components, so that they get exactly what they, and their customers, want.

Having devised a completely original ownership model for the HX50, Hill has been able to keep the price down to a reasonable £495,000 (US$665,000).