Hamburg-based music journalist Niko Backspin and Porsche take the Back to Tape project to Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

Back to Tape is a collaborative series between Porsche and German music journalist Niko Backspin, where Niko travels in search of hip-hop culture, art, and creativity throughout Europe with a passion for rap, breakdancing, DJ-ing, and graffiti. His latest stop on his tour brings him back to his home city of Hamburg, where the Back to Tape series visits one of the world’s preeminent concert halls, Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie.

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With experience spanning over 25 years in the hip-hop world, Backspin and Porsche invited figures from the Back to Tape series to the Elbphilharmonie to tell their stories, like Lars Pedersen from Copenhagen, German rap icons Curse and Moses Pelham, and German street dancer Vartan Bassil. Hip-hop culture’s prevalence within the culture of Hamburg added to the poignance of the evening event being held at the Elbphilharmonie. While hip-hop events usually occupy other kinds of venues, the Elbphilharmonie was an important place for Back to Tape to be held, because it proved hip-hop’s importance in the musical culture of Hamburg, which is what the Elbphilharmonie and its events represent. The event also represented Porsche’s commitment to this culture and cultural engagement in general as the brand has been a principal sponsor of the Elbphilharmonie since 2021.

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Source: Porsche