This video shows that Ferrari performance is ahead of its time.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta has been out of Ferrari’s portfolio for some time, but as with any Ferrari, not only is it in recent memory, but it also boasts Ferrari power, speed, and beauty that impresses for generations. The front-mounted V12 engine delivers 730 horsepower, which remains a number that puts it in an incredibly high class of performance even despite the fact that the car has since been replaced in Ferrari’s lineup by the 812 Superfast. That power translates to speed, and YouTube channel AutoTopNL put that speed to the test with absolutely amazing results.

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The car was able to climb to an incredible speed on the German Autobahn of 209 mph, which is incredible for any car, but especially for a front-engined grand tourer that was first introduced over a decade ago. As a bonus, you’ll also get to hear the beautiful engine note coming from the V12 when the car reaches that speed, and it proves the timelessness of Ferrari cars when it comes to luxury, beauty, style, passion, and most of all, performance.

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Source: YouTube/AutoTopNL