Ferrari's exciting new hypercar is getting the Amalgam Collection treatment.

Amalgam Collection has just revealed its very first prototype for the 1:8 scale model of the Ferrari Daytona SP3. The company notes that this very prototype was actually already approved by Ferrari back in June. Now, Amalgam Collection will be putting the finishing touches on the first batch of models so that their owners can enjoy them shortly. Before they are delivered, however, Ferrari will have to approve the first final model. Thankfully, that should be soon.

Just 199 examples of Amalgam Collection's Ferrari Daytona SP3 1:8 scale model will be created, and the bespoke models can be built to the owner's specifications. Each example will measure 23-inches long and they are all hand-built and assembled by the company's team of craftsmen.

To create the model, Amalgam Collection received the CAD for the Daytona SP3 directly from Ferrari so that they could recreate every minute detail of the hypercar. From there, the prototype models are approved by Ferrari's engineering and design teams to ensure that the model is as accurate as can be.

If you'd like to contact Amalgam Collection and register your interest in the model, be sure the click the button below.