Time fast II by L'Epée 1839: Life in the Fast Lane!

While watches continue to become an ever-growing popular trend for a variety of individuals, it’s important to remember that the wristwatch originated as a smaller-scale version of the table clock. The art of watchmaking embodies creativity, allowing pioneering brands like L’Epée 1839 the ability to create whatever comes to mind. The horologists at L’Epée 1839 are proud to introduce the new Time Fast II as its second automotive-inspired collection release. The Time Fast II takes shape as a classic roadster, commemorating the 1960s as the golden age for sports car performance and sensual design. Built on an aluminum H-chassis similar to the race cars back then, L’Epée showcases the Time Fast II in five different color configurations.

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The 2-seater table clock design includes two independent movements driven by separate power sources. The first movement is responsible for keeping hours and minutes through the cockpit, displayed by using rotating stainless steel disks on the air filters that feed the dual carburetor banks on top of the engine. The 8-day movement is regulated by a visible 2.5Hz escapement in the ‘driver’s helmet’ and powered by a mainspring visible in the passenger’s ‘seat’. The second movement powers the engine automat. Turning the dashboard key starts the engine, triggering the pistons of the V8 to go up and down. The gearbox in the Time Fast II selects between winding the time movement, winding the engine automates by selecting the appropriate gear and pulling the car backward. As if that is not cool enough, the three-spoke steering wheel is rotated counterclockwise to set the time. Although pricing has yet to be released, the all-new L’Epée 1839 Time Fast II Collection is limited to only 99-pieces of each variation and is currently available through an authorized dealer. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more upcoming luxury watch news and releases.

Source: L'Epée 1839