Making its stamp as the most expensive camera ever sold at auction.

While modern-day luxury products prove to be the latest and greatest on the market for leading brands, it's the early pioneering examples now considered high-end collectibles. For the camera professionals at Leica, some of their earliest models hold significance as pieces of history within the photography world. The professionals at Leitz Photographica Auction are proud to showcase the sale of the most expensive camera ever sold at auction during the 40th Camera Auction. The new record-breaking camera takes shape as a Leica 0-Series NO.105 ‘Oscar Barnack’, originally released in 1923 in an approximate series count of only 23-units. After nearly a decade, the historic Leica 0-Series NO.105 stands out as one of only around a dozen to survive. This specific NO.105 serial number tops all others because of its historic importance as the personal camera of the inventor of Leica, Oscar Barnack.

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The Leica features a black hand-painted finish that showcases a unique patina after years of use. The piece quickly exchanged hands with Oscar’s son Conrad, who kept it in the family for 30-years before selling it to a passionate U.S. collector. Making its appearance on the stage of Leitz Auction, the Leica 0-Series NO.105 ‘Oscar Barnack’ was estimated to sell for between $2,091,240 and $3,136,860. After an intense round of bidding, the Leica 0-series, once owned by inventor Oscar Barnack, sold for an astonishing $15,055,344. Closing more than five times its original estimate from Leitz Auction, the sale now holds the title of the most expensive camera ever sold at auction. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more luxury lifestyle releases and supercar news.

Source: Leitz Auction