Hennessey puts the top down and brings the speed up.

Recently, Hennessey unveiled the Roadster version of its incredible Venom F5 hypercar. In doing so, Hennessey made the Venom F5 Roadster the world’s most powerful roadster, which adds a uniquely exhilarating open-air experience to the performance and power of the Venom F5 Coupe. After its Monterey Car Week unveiling, Hennessey decided to show off some gorgeous footage of the car in action at California’s incredibly famous Bixby Bridge, which is not only close to where the car was first debuted, but also one of the best places to drive an open-top car in the world.

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The Venom F5 is a car that speaks to the decades-old desirability and joy of driving a roadster, and the heightened sensory experience it provides, and turns that up to Hennessey-Venom-F5 proportions. With the top down, the driver gets to experience even more of the incredible sound of the 6.6-liter “Fury” twin-turbocharged V8 that is responsible for the Venom F5 Roadster’s incredible performance. The new Hennessey Venom F5 is truly a peerless driving experience that shows us what makes being a car enthusiast so exciting.

Source: Instagram/Hennessey