A big icon comes to the Big Apple.

When it comes to just about anything a city can have, there are few places in the world like New York City. Whether it's culture, art, fashion, or food, New York seemingly has it all, and the same apparently goes for cars, especially since Manhattan Motorcars’ latest uncrating. Similar to New York among cities, the Lamborghini Countach, both old and new, has it all when it comes to cars. Performance, looks, luxury, and pop culture cachet are all assets that the Countach possesses in spades, and the concrete jungle was the perfect place for it to go for it to be unveiled to an enamored crowd by Manhattan Motorcars.

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The new Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 was uncovered by Manhattan Motorcars to show off the car’s iconic white color scheme. The new Lamborghini Countach’s bold styling inspired by the original Countach, hybrid performance, use of Lamborghini’s legendary V12 engine, and rarity make it just as much of a timeless icon as the original, and with only 112 units of the Countach LPI 800-4 being made, the opportunity to see one in the flesh is an incredibly rare one, hence the big crowds at the uncrating event. Manhattan Motorcars is no stranger to the fast, the rare, and the beautiful when it comes to the automotive world.

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Source: Instagram/Manhattan Motorcars