Electric power proves its worth by setting 7 records at Nardò.

74-year-old Italian entrepreneur Gianmaria Aghem has driven over 400 vintage car rallies, and his living room is home to over 70 trophies. It’s safe to say that he’s an experienced driver. However, his latest achievement has been setting 7 world records at Italy’s Nardò Technical Center with the all-electric single-seater Blizz Primatist, a car that differs just about entirely from his 1965 Lancia Fulvia Coupé. The name Blizz references Blizz Timing, Aghem’s company that creates rally-ready chronometers, and the car’s unique design is inspired by the Bertone-penned Z.E.R., which achieved an incredible drag coefficient of 0.11. The Z.E.R. set the world speed record for electrically powered vehicles at nearly 190 mph in 1995, after already setting another record just the year before.

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Impressed by the Z.E.R., Aghem wanted to drive it, but it was unavailable and was brought to a museum after Bertone’s bankruptcy. Instead, Aghem decided to redesign the Z.E.R. as his own. Improved from the ground up with newly developed components from scratch, the Blizz Primatist set out to do what the Z.E.R. did at Nardò decades ago. At Nardò, the Blizz Primatist broke records for the highest average speed of an electric vehicle weighing up to 500 kg at the 10-mile, 100-kilometer, and 100-mile distances in just one day, with 4 percent battery charge left at the end of the drive. However, Aghem wasn’t done yet, and the battery was charged to go again the next day, where the Primatist broke the records for the 10-mile, 100-kilometer, and 100-mile time trials, with every time certified by the FIA. As a matter of fact, Aghem had the opportunity to break the Z.E.R.’s record for the distance covered in 1 hour for electric vehicles weighing up to 1,000 kilograms, but he passed on it to honor the Z.E.R.’s legacy. Breaking 7 records was enough to prove that electric mobility is the future.

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