Acura’s electric future will pay homage to its recent past.

Acura unveiled the Precision EV Concept at this past Monterey Car Week, and the purpose it serves for the brand is to show off what future Acura design will look like as the brand enters a new era and begins to build its fully-electric portfolio. The Precision EV Concept takes signature Acura elements like the Chicane lights and grille and futurizes them for electric vehicles, turning the grille, which is no longer necessary due to the lack of a combustion engine into an illuminated piece, and making the lighting more dramatic and artistic. Other future visions in the concept include autonomous driving and modes that switch between performance and relaxation-oriented driving. The interior is also created with entirely-sustainable materials that remain luxurious.

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Along with the reveal of the Precision EV Concept, Acura also announced that the electric future the concept previews will be real very soon and that the first fully-electric Acura model, coming in 2024, will be called the Acura ZDX. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Years ago, the Acura ZDX, the first vehicle styled from the ground up in Acura’s Los Angeles Design Studio, was an early and short-lived contender in what is now the incredibly popular segment of coupe-like luxury SUVs. Acura’s Type S name will be making an appearance as well, with Acura promising a performance variant of the ZDX to come as well. The vehicle will be co-developed with GM, and make use of GM’s Ultium battery technology, while Acura plans to launch more electric vehicles starting in 2026 with its own global e:Architecture. As a short moment in the brand’s history becomes the name of its first fully-electric model, the shocking new future of Acura is nigh.

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Source: Acura