Italy’s champion race and stunt pilot talks about the Huracan Tecnica’s exhilarating driving character.

Dario Costa is a race and stunt pilot from Italy, known for being able to do things in the air that seem impossible. He talks about how the freedom of flight is something that humans all desire, and the fact that he feels lucky about getting to fly whenever he wants. In continuing with a series of interviews Lamborghini has done centered on the Huracan Tecnica, Costa talks about the freedom of being one with a vehicle and the escapism of flight, and that relates to the Huracan Tecnica as it is built to be fun to drive.

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Like flying, driving the Huracan Tecnica is clearly an extraordinary experience that transcends the boredom, stress, and stagnation that everyday life can put us through. The feeling of transcendence that flight evokes is something that the Huracan Tecnica evokes as well, with the sheer driving pleasure of a mid-mounted V10 engine straight from its track-focused STO sibling, and rear-wheel drive, making it a spirited and consistently impressive car to drive on the track or on the road, the perfect automotive companion for whatever mood or place you may be in.

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Source: Lamborghini