Porsche’s involvement in the eBike space just got much bigger with its latest acquisition.

Back in January, Porsche bought a 20 percent stake in Fazua, an eBike company basked in Ottobrunn, Germany. Months later, Porsche has just announced that it has acquired all of Fazua’s shares, expanding its footprint in the eBike category. Fazua is known for developing light and small drive systems like the new Ride 60. Porsche’s involvement in the eBike industry includes ownership of a majority stake in Croatian eBike brand Greyp, as well.

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Porsche plans to merge all of its eBike activities by establishing two joint ventures with Ponooc Investment B.V. The first is going to develop and manufacture Porsche-branded eBikes, and the second will create technology for the growing micro-mobility market. Also, Porsche plans to continue working with its partner, Rotwild, on their collaborative eBike models. Last year, Rotwild and Porsche released the Porsche eBike Sport and eBike Cross. The Porsches that come out of this investment and expansion might have two fewer wheels, but they’ll be made with just as much innovation.

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Source: Porsche