Like being in the cockpit of a fighter jet.

During Monterey Car Week, the new Delage D12 was brought out to Laguna Seca so that its true nature could be experienced. As the automaker puts it, the D12 will provide the "closest feeling ever to driving a Formula 1 car." To make this possible, the Delage D12 has a setup created by F1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve, as well as a monocoque and front crashbox made of carbon fiber, just like F1 cars.

To test the Delage D12's capabilities, British racing driver Oliver Webb to one out for a spin around Laguna Seca. In the video, you get a POV view of what it's like to drive the fighter jet-esque supercar.

Seeing the D12 absolutely blast through the Corkscrew and hug corners is pretty mindblowing considering a vehicle of this nature is also completely road legal. Yes, you can drive this 1,100 horsepower on the streets, which is most likely the closest most will ever get to driving a F1 car on the road.

CHeck out the video down below and click the button to learn even more about the Delage D12.

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