After a century of luxury, Lincoln is ready for the future.

Lincoln is one of the most storied brands when it comes to American automotive luxury. It’s been around, iconic, and prolific in the industry for more than 100 years. With all that experience under the brand’s belt, the Lincoln Model L100 Concept is not only a culmination of its rich history but also a vision of a beautiful and luxurious automotive future. The long, sweeping vehicle shows off Lincoln’s new Quiet Flight design language, and it’s debuting at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

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Its hallmarks of luxury are its electric power, spacious interior with incredible amounts of natural light, and a design that embraces Lincoln’s retro glory and the future of transportation. To enter the vehicle, the doors don’t just open, but the glass roof also lifts to allow elegant and easy access to the interior. The name, Model L100, comes from the 1922 Lincoln Model L, Lincoln’s first luxury car, made after the brand’s purchase by the Ford Motor Company. The crystal greyhound hood ornament and chess piece interior controller are both references to the hood ornament chosen by Edsel Ford to adorn the Model L. The Lincoln Model L100 shows that even with future technology that makes our cars so much different from those of 100 years ago, the principles of classic comfort, timeless luxury, and bespoke design with attention to detail are still what make cars like Lincolns truly special.

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