One of the world’s most important names in high performance announced something big.

Koenigsegg is a relatively young automotive brand, and in just 20 years, it’s become one of the most notorious (and difficult to pronounce) names when it comes to high automotive speed, power, and innovation. On its 20th Anniversary year, Koenigsegg proudly announced a new version of its very first production car, the CC8S, which was first delivered in 2022. The new version is called the CC850, and it recaptures the charm of the very first Koenigsegg.

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The CC8S was an incredible achievement, as it represented the result of 8 years of work, prototypes, and trial and error, and what resulted at the time was the 655-horsepower CC8S, which was then the world’s most powerful production car. While the CC850 has futuristic new touches, the design of the CC8S is changed very little, especially because of the fact that the original design was already so modern and ahead of its time. The number 50 also celebrates founder Christian von Koenigsegg’s 50th birthday and the fact that just 50 of these very special cars will be made.

The CC8S still features incredible innovation to this day, but with Koenigsegg’s signature envelope-pushing ability, the CC850 is even more so, with a fully-robotized body, more active aerodynamics, and an interior that references the original car’s provocative design and brings it to 2022. However, there is still a classic charm in the Koenigsegg CC850, and that is present in one of the most important ways possible: a gated manual transmission. Koenigsegg achieved the difficult feat of combining manual operation with its Lightspeed transmission to create “TWMPAFMPC” or The World’s Most Powerful And Fastest Manual Production Car.

The transmission itself has 9 gears, but the manual allows you to shift through six speeds, meaning an incredible amount of configuration for road and track preferences. The transmission even allows you to switch to an automatic mode for more comfortable driving, and when you want, you can use your left foot and right hand to do it old-school. The CC850 has 1385 horsepower running on more environmentally-friendly E85 fuel, and while that immense number is less than some of the most incredible Koenigseggs, it is naturally aspirated so the manual transmission isn’t made more difficult to operate with turbo lag. Even after only 20 years, Koenigsegg has rich roots to return to, and doing so made for an epic (old) new car.

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Source: YouTube/Koenigsegg