This new Dodge concept combines the glory of the past with the innovation of the present.

There is much to be gained by transitioning from gasoline-powered cars to electric vehicles. For many brands, making the switch to electric power has allowed them to offer better efficiency, reduced environmental impact, increased performance, more practicality, and even better handling and dynamics with more enjoyable drivetrains and a lower center of gravity. However, there is still some loss, as there always is when we set aside anything old to embrace something new.

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For many, the sound of a gasoline engine is one of the most enjoyable aspects of driving a car. Different engines let out a variety of noises that drivers crave to hear, and with electric cars, that sound is either drastically changed or even eliminated. In addition, the lack of a transmission leaves many drivers feeling as though they lack control and the feeling of true performance driving. Dodge has a history of making some of the world’s most iconic muscle cars, and if it was going to embrace electric performance, the brand simply couldn’t make those kinds of compromises.

The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept is what resulted. It’s an electric vehicle but still very much a muscle car at heart, with muscle car looks, and muscle car tricks up its sleeve. It takes cues from the original Charger Daytona and adds to it technology that revives the fun factor of the old car with cutting-edge new technology. For example, the car features an industry-first exhaust system for electric vehicles called the Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust, which can reach a Hellcat-rivaling 126 dB. Also, the car features a transmission, called eRupt which makes use of a retro-inspired pistol-grip shifter to deliver a pure-fun shifting experience, and at the front of the car, what looks like a grille is actually an aerodynamically-efficient front wing. However, performance isn’t the car’s only strong suit. It features plenty of technology in the interior, as well as a panoramic glass roof and hatchback design that make it practical, usable, and enjoyable for just about everyone who gets to be in the car. The concept previews what Dodge’s electrified performance future will look like, and the only thing that isn’t shocking about it is that it’s going to involve very fast cars.

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