BMW M is getting ready to make some shocking new moves.

With the BMW i4 M50, and the BMW iX M60, we’ve had a taste of what BMW’s performance looks like in electric form, and it’s quite enticing. The BMW i7 M70 is coming as early as next year to continue bringing performance to BMW’s all-electric offerings. However, BMW has announced that it is diving headfirst into the electric performance era of BMW M, and it’s amping up (pun intended) its all-electric high-performance portfolio with a new concept test vehicle being used to test hardware and software for high-performance electric vehicles. The test vehicle uses a four-wheel drive system with four electric motors, and what it aims to achieve is unprecedented levels of performance and dynamism.

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The M xDrive four-wheel drive system uses an electric motor to drive each wheel, which opens up new possibilities when it comes to variability and precision, and it works with a control unit that monitors the driver’s preferences as well as the conditions of the road and constantly makes adjustments within milliseconds. Importantly, these concept tests come at a time in which BMW is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its M division, and it proves that the M division remains at the top of its game. The next generation of BMW M vehicles is going to use electric power to be more ingenious, clever, powerful, and dynamic than ever.

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Source: BMW