Buick honors its legacy and a future of electric mobility with a new concept.

In 1953, Buick introduced a show car called the Wildcat that showed what Buick had in store for the future when it came to design and technology. 1954 and 1955 respectively saw the Wildcat II and Wildcat III concepts introduced, and in 1985 another Wildcat concept was introduced, a supercar concept that showed off Buick’s new engine technology. Now, that legacy continues, as Buick has introduced yet another Wildcat concept, a striking 2+2 coupe that is powered by electricity.

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The new Buick Wildcat EV Concept is electrifying in more ways than its powertrain, however. It shows off a new design language for Buick, featuring a new tri-shield logo, a new trapezoidal grille, and dramatic lighting setups all within a sweeping and poised coupe body with dramatic 18-spoke turbine wheels. As a brand with a long and storied history, the Buick Wildcat EV Concept shows a balance between classic luxury and driving pleasure and modern amenities and technology. With large, sweeping touchscreens and cockpit-style seats in the interior, the Wildcat EV Concept is both relaxing and cutting-edge, featuring AI, biometrics, and aromatherapy among other technologies coming together to ensure a supremely comfortable driving experience that’s both futuristically and timelessly luxurious.

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Source: Buick