While the Azure range highlights Bentley’s relaxing luxury, a new edgy range of Bentleys is on the rise.

One of the world’s most legendary automotive brands, Bentley is a double-edged sword, with decades of expertise when it comes to making luxury oases out of automobiles, as well as formidable racing-ready performance machines. Recently, Bentley announced the Azure range of models, Bentleys that focus on wellness, relaxation, and uncompromised luxury, but now, the other side of Bentley is going to have its time in the limelight, as Bentley has announced a new range of performance-focused models.

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Announced for the Bentley Continental GT and Continental GTC in time for the model's 70th Anniversary, this new family of Bentleys is said to focus on driving performance and striking visuals. The teaser image Bentley has released thus far shows a glossy black wheel with a red brake caliper behind. The full reveal of this new take on the Bentley Continental GT and GTC will take place at 12:30 BST on June 6, and it promises to make one of the world’s favorite luxury grand tourers louder, faster, and bolder.

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