Presented by Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems.

The original Momentum Amplifier launched Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems in 2011 and delivered magnificently on the initial design goals of formidable power and incomparable finesse in a groundbreaking design that has earned its place in audio history. Building on over a decade of remarkable critical and consumer reception, the new Momentum MxV topology elevates this much-loved amplifier to even greater heights. In the Momentum M400 MxV Monoblock and S250 MxV Stereo amplifiers every major section of the amplifier - power supply, input, driver, and output stages. - have all been enhanced in this advancement. A new power transformer offers greater headroom during dynamic passages. A reenvisioned input circuit combines a brand-new topology with advanced components feeding the driver and output stages. Crucial to the new circuit are the bipolar transistors powering the front end of the amplifier. These upgraded bipolar transistors deliver ten times the current and power of the original devices.

Increasing Class A operation directly correlates to better sound quality, so a new circuit provides a nearly 50% increase in operating bias. And while there is a limit to bias level in any amplifier, our new topology and unique copper heatsinks eliminate thermal issues, even under the greatest demand. Additional power transistors in the output stage reduce workload for each device, so the entire power output section works more efficiently. The result is a richer, more dynamic, and intimate presentation regardless of musical genre.

Paired with the Momentum HD Ultra-Analog preamplifier and Momentum Phonostage, perfectionists can lay the foundation of a two-channel audio system that brings authority, speed, and ultimate refinement to the listening experience.