You can already guess the outlines. Soon you will know more.

With a passion for always pushing the boundaries of design and performance, Mercedes-AMG strives for excellence by continuing to improve itself with new models and concepts. Although the brand keeps its projects behind closed doors until their debut, a new model is being teased through a video clip uploaded to the Mercedes-AMG Instagram page. The video showcases the sleek lines of what looks to be the silhouette of an AMG Project, using Tron-like light patterns that only leaves the imagination of enthusiasts to paint the rest of the picture.

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Alongside iconic examples like the 300SL, SLR McLaren, and SLS AMG, the new release from Mercedes-AMG is sure to stand out as another exclusive series. Mercedes-AMG preps for the announcement by referring to the new release as ultimate power ready to roam the streets. Although the anticipation is high for collectors and enthusiasts of Mercedes-AMG, the German performance specialists are set to debut its new creation on June 1st. View all of the current Mercedes-Benz models for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for upcoming luxury lifestyle news and more information on Mercedes-AMG’s new unveiling.

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Source: Mercedes-AMG IG