Bentley celebrates the 70th Anniversary of its coveted Continental.

During the early years of automotive manufacturing, renowned brands like Bentley Motors began their success with pioneering models that are continuously updated and commemorated for today's market. The Continental proves itself as the pinnacle for the 103-year-old British manufacturer, making its debut as a prototype in August 1952. Bentley is excited to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Continental by reliving the birth of the R-Type Continental known as ‘Olga’, thanks to its OLG490 registration. The development of Bentley’s first Continental came from the minds of Chief Projects Engineer Ivan Evernden and Chief Stylist John Blatchley, using inspiration from two pre-war coachbuilt specials.

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With a production series of only 208-chassis, the Bentley R-Type Continental is a monumental example for any collector or enthusiast. The sweeping lines that shape its elongated body design continue to act as inspiration for current Continental models. The power of its 4,566cc, six-cylinder in-line engine was raised from 140 to 153-horsepower, and the transmission featured a higher final drive ratio. The prototype averaged 118.75 mph over five laps (with a best lap of just under 120mph) at the banked Montlhèry track near Paris. The Bentley Heritage Collection is proud to feature R-Type Continental chassis BC16C as one of its own. The configuration features an Ivory White exterior finish with a vibrant Red interior, originally ordered by Dr. Rowland Guenin of Switzerland in 1953. To this day, the rich heritage of the Bentley Continental is the reason for its impact on the automotive industry. View all of the current Bentley Continental examples for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more upcoming luxury lifestyle releases and supercar news.

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