This has to be the most expensive ferry crossing to ever happen.

The McLaren F1 has continued to stay in the limelight even years after its production ended for many good reasons. First up is the fact that legendary designer Gordon Murray was the brilliant mind behind the F1. Next is the record the XP5 prototype set for being the world's fastest production car back in 1998 with a top speed of 240.1 mph. I could honestly go on for days as for reasons why the McLaren F1 has gone down in history as a true automotive icon, but there's something better you need to check out. If you look up above, you'll see a video from TheTFJJ where he encountered what may be the most epic ferry crossing to ever take place. On the ferry was an insane collection of McLaren F1s, with examples of the F1 GTR and F1 GTR Longtail mixed in. According to TheTFJJ, the amount of cars on the ferry equated to over $200 million and I can't argue with that figure as the value of the F1 is well up there. Click play up above to see the wild footage for yourself.

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