Blue isn’t the only iconic hue in Bugatti’s spectrum of colors.

Bugatti’s legacy has been painted in French Racing Blue, and in over a century, it’s a color that has become synonymous with its motorsport legacy as a brand, but there’s yet another color combination that is very important to Bugatti’s history, and it was the favorite color combination of founder Ettore Bugatti himself: black and yellow. While two-tone paintwork has always been a Bugatti signature, the black and yellow combination was featured on many of Ettore Bugatti’s personal vehicles, and the livery continues to be configured for Bugatti cars to this day.

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Finding its origin in Bugatti’s Molsheim home, where the beams above the gates were painted in black and yellow, it started to appear on Bugatti’s cars when the brand and the world around it entered the Art Deco era, and two-tone designs reflected the opulence of the time. Ettore Bugatti finished his own cars in black and yellow, and many customers followed suit. Ettore Bugatti’s Type 41 Royale was famously finished with this livery, and a Type 40 Roadster and Type 44 were around the same time. The most desired surviving examples of the Type 55 two-seat roadster designed by Jean Bugatti are finished in black and yellow, and so was the Type 57 Grand Raid Roadster Usine in 1934.

Recently and famously, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse ‘1-of-1’ was introduced, finished in black and yellow both on the exterior and in the interior, with black leather contrasted by yellow stitching and a laser-perforated yellow silhouette of a Veyron in the door panels. An even more modern interpretation of the black and yellow combination is the first Chiron to be delivered to North America, which was finished in yellow with black carbon fiber. The Chiron Pur Sport was given a one-off that featured a “Jaune Molsheim” yellow finish with turquoise carbon fiber accents instead. Down to the vibrant colors chosen for its hypercars, everything Bugatti does blends tradition and history with uncanny innovation.

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