It's not often that you see a LaFerrari and even rarer to see two.

Foreign Cars Italia, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, has had the pleasure of housing two incredible examples of the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar. These two magnificent Ferraris were at the dealership for service as the dealership is an Official Ferrari Dealer. To learn more about these cars, the dealership uploaded a video to YouTube video, found above, where Steve Sudler gives us the breakdown.

In the video, you'll not only see the two cars but learn the history behind the LaFerrari and what made the model so groundbreaking when it was released. Once going through the history, Sudler then breaks down the specifics of the two examples that are parked in their showroom. One example is in Grigio Fero while the other is finished in Rosso Corsa. It's fantastic to see the LaFerrari represented in two completely different paint finishes so that you can truly appreciate its design and style.

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