The Mustang GT500 is fast, but Hennessey knows how to make just about anything faster.

The Venom 1000 by Hennessey takes the Mustang GT500 and makes it into the ultimate daily driver that also dominates the track. By upgrading the supercharger system, Hennessey is able to give the GT500 an incredible 1000 horsepower, hence the name Venom 1000. What you end up getting is a car that Hennessey describes as “the American Turbo S.” That’s to say, a car that is confident, elegant, and sophisticated on the road while being a brutal and unforgiving machine on the track.

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Thanks to various exhaust and driving modes, as well as a dual-clutch automatic transmission, the Venom 1000 is easy to drive no matter where you are and still has monstrous performance, and it’s also easy to impress whoever might be in the passenger seat, whether it’s by giving them the thrill of their life or by giving them a ride in effortless comfort and style. While the Mustang GT500 is an incredible car itself, Hennessey is able to make it the even more dynamic, versatile, and unbelievable car that is the Venom 1000.

Source: Hennessey