The future of Volkswagen may reach new heights.

For some, the future of transportation could be in personal aviation, and we might see people take flight every day to get where they want to go, and brands across the automotive industry are exploring the idea of expanding their operations towards the industry of personal aviation. Volkswagen has joined the group with its new prototype, called the V.MO. It’s the result of a Vertical Mobility project launched by Volkswagen Group China in 2020, and it explored ideas that would bring urban mobility into the sky.

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Its nickname is the “Flying Tiger,” with a black and gold livery that commemorate the model launching in the Year of the Tiger. It uses battery technology for emission-free flight and an x-wing design with 8 rotors for vertical flight and 2 propellers for horizontal movement. Later this year, there will be several flight tests conducted to optimize the concept. Once the Volkswagen concept is ready for the public, the electric and automated VTOL craft is said to be able to carry four passengers and luggage at a distance of over 100 miles. Especially in urban areas like those in China where this concept is being developed, this could become a new solution for seamless, enjoyable transportation.

Source: Volkswagen