These new cars are designed to do what a Bentley does best: make you feel pampered.

When you think about it in its most basic form, the greatest luxury is simply the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. Feeling comfortable and carefree is the kind of luxury that most people in the world can agree upon wanting to experience, and it’s that luxury that Bentley aims to provide with its new Azure range. Available for Bentley’s entire model lineup, the Azure range focuses on comfort and well-being for Bentley drivers, and it achieves this by designing everything in the car with the goal of reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

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This new Azure range serves as a counterpart to Bentley Speed, a range that highlights the highest performance potential of Bentley cars, and brings into the limelight Bentley’s other specialty: timeless, uncompromising luxury. Developed with the help of neuroscientists and other wellness experts, the Bentley Azure range's features like 22-way adjustable seats with adaptive heating and ventilation and a massage function that aims to optimize the body’s posture, a suspension system that prioritizes comfort, and a host of safety features that reassure the driver of confidence in various conditions, Bentley’s Azure range aims at a goal that seems simple: to be the nicest cars to drive.

Everything from the functions that prevent fatigue to promote safe driving to the curation of interior design elements to create a relaxing environment was carefully chosen and designed to make the Bentley Azure experience the most relaxing and comforting one to have behind the wheel of a car. If driving a Bentley wasn’t already one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world, it most definitely is now.

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