At just 17, he’s an entrepreneur, investor, and Porsche owner.

Merlin Assfalg is a 17-year-old student and son of the CEO of mountain bike manufacturer Propain. However, at a young age, he has plenty of passions, which include stock trading, business, and cars. He has shares in Apple, and currently runs a startup that he founded himself selling bike parts online from a container on Propain’s property, and owns a Porsche 911. Being 17 and in Germany, he isn’t able to drive on his own just yet, but he turns 18 very soon, and his vehicle of choice is one of the most iconic sports cars ever made and a very special edition of it at that.

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His car is the 1980 Porsche 911 SC Weissach Edition, of which only 407 were made exclusively for the North American market, from where the car was imported. The car features a black exterior and a gray interior, and most importantly the irreplaceable driving experience of a classic Porsche 911. He has been able to balance his entrepreneurship, school, and passion for cars despite a serious battle with an unknown illness in 2020, and now he’s counting the days until he can drive his Porsche on his own, and while he has a passion for classic Porsches, he has the same enthusiasm for a bright future of sustainability with things like e-mobility and synthetic fuels. Drivers like him keep the passion for classic cars alive and push the automotive world towards a future that’s better for everyone.

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