Excellence in motorcycle racing will earn a MotoGP qualifier winner two more wheels.

BMW M and MotoGP’s owner Dorna Sports have had a partnership for years, and The BMW M Award has been an integral part of that partnership. This year, the BMW M Award is being given to the fastest MotoGP qualifier for the 20th time, and BMW M is celebrating its 50th anniversary of dialing BMW performance to the next level. To celebrate such an important anniversary, the BMW M Award this year will be a very special prize that honors both anniversaries and highlights another special anniversary gift that came from BMW M this year.

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The fastest MotoGP qualifier will win the first BMW M3 Competition Touring with xDrive. The Winner’s Car will be introduced at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, where the BMW M3 Touring MotoGP Safety Car will also make its race debut. With the BMW M3 Touring being introduced as part of BMW M’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations, getting it as the 20th MotoGP BMW M Award is an incredibly special opportunity, and having the first M3 Competition Touring with xDrive is a new experience from BMW that combines the ultimate performance, luxury, and practicality.

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