The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este gives an Aston Martin legend a prestigious award.

The Coppa d’Oro is one of the two most prestigious awards that entrants to the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este can win, and it’s voted for by the other entrants to the Concours. This year, the winner of that incredible award is an equally incredible car, the Aston Martin Bulldog, a concept car from 1980 that featured an incredibly futuristic design for the time, a V8 engine, and the goal to reach 200 mph, which is still an incredible speed to reach today, but unthinkable in that time. It only ever made it to 192 mph, though, and financial troubles forced Aston Martin to sell the car to a collector, and it disappeared.

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Two years ago, however, collector Philip Sarofim worked with Richard Gauntlett, the son of the former owner of Aston Martin, to restore the car with the goal of getting it to the originally intended 200 mph. At Villa d’Este, its incredible story and rarity, being the only example of the Bulldog ever built, made it the youngest car to ever win the Coppa d’Oro. The restored Aston Martin Bulldog’s next frontier is the 200 mph top speed, which will be attempted soon at a location and on a date to be announced. The revival of this incredible automotive legend is an amazing next chapter in the Aston Martin Bulldog’s story.

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Source: Classic Motor Cars