An engine, a gearbox, and this kit are all you need to build your very own road-legal rally monster.

Many of us have the dream of building a car with our own two hands, and doing so would create an unmatched sense of accomplishment, but to actually start building a car is a daunting task, and most of us wouldn’t know where to start. That’s where Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus comes in. It’s a brand that specializes in turning endurance race cars into road-legal daily drivers, and now with the SCG 008 kit, you can do that yourself, and with an engine and gearbox provided, the kit gives you the ability to build your own road-legal car that you can drive and race on and off the road.

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The car features three seats and a center driving position, so you’ll be able to bring two friends along for whatever adventures your SCG 008 might encounter, and Glickenhaus also encourages buyers to share the car and the building experience with friends as well. Before the car is made available to the public, Glickenhaus plans to race it in the Baja 1000 this November, and once that’s done, the Founders 008 Package will begin shipping. It starts at $99,995, and it promises to be the most fun you’ve ever had driving or building a car.

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Source: Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus