The highly anticipated hypercar from Mercedes-AMG is getting ready to take on one of the automotive world’s most important challenges.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE is quite the piece of automotive excellence. It’s a racing-bred hypercar, and that’s meant quite literally as the engine it is powered by is derived from F1, and it produces a massive 1,049 horsepower. Along with its F1 powerplant, the ONE is a hybrid that makes the use of four electric motors for power and performance that never quits, and the racing heritage, success, and engineering expertise that are distilled in this amazing hypercar are already a once-in-a-lifetime moment in the automotive world.

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In case anyone thinks that the Mercedes-AMG ONE hasn’t secured its legacy, it’s getting ready to take on the Nurburgring to prove its racing mettle in a way that everyone in the car world can recognize, respect, and admire. In this video published by YouTube channel CarSpyMedia, the car has been spotted darting through the track and conquering its famed and feared corners for what can only be a lap record attempt that has the possibility of writing a chapter in automotive history. The car has been the result of decades of performance expertise from AMG, and now Affalterbach’s house of speed is ready to show the full extent of its capabilities.

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Source: YouTube/CarSpyMedia