55 years into its existence, AMG gives us a glimpse at an electrifying future.

Known for bringing out the performance qualities of Mercedes-Benz cars and making some of the world’s most iconic, powerful, luxurious, and desirable performance cars. In the future, it plans to do the same, and the Vision AMG Concept shows us what an AMG from the future might look like with cutting-edge technology that Mercedes-Benz and AMG can’t wait to bring into the automotive world.

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The Vision AMG is a four-door coupe that’s all-electric and based on a dedicated AMG.EA platform that will bring the AMG DNA and a unique performance-oriented driving experience to the world of electric mobility. Its design is reminiscent of the Vision EQXX, but it is a more sporty and daring take with short overhangs and a long wheelbase, with sweeping curves and paintwork in the iconic AMG color of Alubeam Silver that extends to the windows for a look that evokes the idea of the car being shaped by wind like a speed form. With a striking and futuristic design that still honors the past and present of AMG, and technology dedicated to moving the automotive world forward and to exhilarating driving, the Vision AMG is an exciting look at the future of one of our favorite houses of performance.

Source: Mercedes-Benz