Mercedes-Benz lays out a strategy for dominating all kinds of automotive luxury.

On the Côte d'Azur, Mercedes-Benz held a strategy update, where exciting developments for the brand were announced, along with plans for continued growth and success towards being the maker of the world’s “most desirable cars.” To this end, the product lineup has been divided into three categories, Top End Luxury, Core Luxury, and Entry Luxury, and Mercedes-Benz will move forward by placing the most emphasis on its Top End Luxury and Core Luxury segments with the majority of its investments and innovations. What this means for the consumer is a Mercedes-Benz brand that focuses on delivering amazing and unique luxury cars for any kind of enthusiast and some of the announcements that Mercedes-Benz has made already allude to lofty heights when it comes to luxury.

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Electric mobility is characterizing the future of the Top End Luxury segment for Mercedes-Benz. The upcoming Vision AMG Concept will feature all-electric technology that uses a new Axial Flux electric motor, developed by Mercedes-Benz subsidiary YASA, which promises higher power delivery than traditional electric motors. Sila Nanotechnologies and Mercedes-Benz are collaborating on advanced battery chemistry which will be debuted in an all-electric G-Class SUV, and Mercedes-Maybach will launch a Maybach version of the EQS SUV to the market next year.

The Top End Luxury segment continues to have more exciting news to share. The upcoming Mercedes-Maybach SL will expand the Mercedes-Maybach portfolio, and the success of Mercedes-Maybach’s collaboration with late designer Virgil Abloh has spurred a new approach to collector editions for Mercedes-Benz, both under the Maybach brand and under a new brand, which will be called the MYTHOS Series. This new brand will feature ultra-exclusive collector’s cars, and will only be made available to Mercedes-Benz’s most dedicated and passionate enthusiasts, clients, and collectors. Mercedes-Benz says that every car in the MYTHOS Series will be purpose-built to be legendary.

Continuing with its strategy of leaning into luxury, the Core Luxury and Entry Luxury segments will move forward by accelerating their move towards electrification for the Core Luxury segment, and introducing new technology while streamlining the product line for the Entry Luxury segment, so that the products that are offered can be as excellent as possible. As we look towards the future, we can look forward to a more luxurious, and hopefully more successful Mercedes-Benz than there ever has been before.

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