The noble art of coachbuilding takes time, and for the Bentley Bacalar, that time has almost come to an end.

Bentley’s Mulliner division is the oldest coachbuilder in the world, and it defined and continues to define the artistry and craftsmanship of automotive bespoke and set the standard for the attention to detail and exclusivity that its creations involve. The Bacalar is one of Mulliner’s most exquisite pieces of automotive craftsmanship to date, and that’s because it’s a truly unique open-air, two-seat roadster that while based on the Bentley Continental GT, is unique in its bodywork and will only be made in 12 examples. The styling takes cues from the Bentley EXP 100 GT concept car, a car that Bentley designed to show off what its more sustainable future would look like with its Beyond100 plan, and the Bacalar doesn’t just reflect the concept’s looks but also its dedication to sustainability, using the same ethically-sourced, sustainable materials like ash from rice husks in the paint for a metallic finish, natural British wool, and 5,000-year-old Riverwood.

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Out of the 12 Bacalars that will be produced, 8 have already been delivered to their customers. Each one goes through a highly involved process in which the car is made completely according to the customer’s wishes, making each unique from the 11 others. The attention to detail in the car is quantified by the 148,199 individual stitches embroidered in the interior of each seat in the car, and the fact that it features components never before seen in any Bentley. The final 4 Bacalars are in the process of being prepared for delivery to their owners, and this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed featured the delivery of a beautiful example of the car to its owner, finished in Sunset Orange with an interior finished in black and white with accents of Mandarin Orange. The Bacalar is one of the greatest examples of the most luxurious aspect of Mulliner Bentley ownership: the luxury of choice and personal expression.

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Source: Bentley