Maserati offers the greatest luxury of car ownership: ease.

The Maserati Personal Service Lab strives to make sure that the luxury of Maserati ownership goes beyond just driving the car. The ownership experience of a Maserati, inside and out, should be as easy and luxurious as possible, and that is Maserati Personal Service Lab’s goal. To achieve that goal, Maserati has introduced a new warranty program called the Extra 10 Warranty Program, in which Maserati owners worldwide with any Maserati model are able to extend the coverage of their powertrain warranty until the car turns 10 years old. This not only makes owning a Maserati an even better experience but also adds to the long-term value of the car.

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The service is offered in addition to the program allowing customers to extend their warranties to four or five years. Any Maserati dealer will be able to help you check to see if your car is available to be included in the program, and clue you in on the extra perks that come with participation in the Extra 10 program. The program will be available in the United States, Latin America, and Canada starting October 1, and with it in effect, owning a Maserati will become a more luxurious experience than ever, in what is arguably the most important way.

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