A new era is beginning for Pagani.

The beloved Italian hypercar brand known for its off-the-wall Zonda and Huayra models, Pagani is known for having cars that are powerful, beautiful, and most of all unique. Its latest model, the Huayra, was introduced all the way back in 2011, 11 years ago, and while it still looks and performs on par with the latest and greatest of 2022, Pagani has announced that something new, under the name of C10, and the brand is calling it “the next chapter in Pagani history.”

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The C10 is set to premiere in Milan on September 12, and Pagani says that the city of Milan is one that Leonardo da Vinci loved, and that da Vinci inspires Pagani with his commitment to doing things that bring art and science together. Pagani says that the premiere of the C10, the next generation of Pagani hypercars, will bring together art, music, and technology in a spectacular event, and if it’s anything like the Pagani we’ve known, it won’t be one to miss.

Source: Instagram/Pagani