These trucks go off the beaten path and off the charts, in just about every aspect.

When BRABUS tunes cars, the objective is set out to create something that’s over the top, and what is just about the most over the top BRABUS ever is its G-Class G700 6x6 truck, which in its exclusive carbon fiber bodywork is only 1 of 2 in the world, and costs roughly $2 million. It’s long, tall loud, powerful, attention-commanding, and luxurious all in more excess than just about any other car on the road, and few vehicles can compare.

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However, the YouTube channel Throttle House found one, and it’s a custom “MegaRaptor” truck that takes an already customized Ford F-350 MegaRaptor truck by MegaRexx and makes a gigantic 6-wheeled monster, complete with up to 1000 horsepower and the formidable sound of its diesel engine, and that car cost its owner roughly over $300,000 to build. Both of these cars can only be described as unnecessary and they look completely out of place in the Canadian towns they drive through, and Throttle House makes them look even more out of place when they are put together to take on the drag strip. Once there, both trucks are impressively quick as their massive proportions are matched by even more massive performance. The Brabus 6x6 won, although the MegaRaptor wasn’t far behind, reaching impressive speeds in the process. Leave it to the automotive industry to constantly test how far it can go over the top.

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Source: YouTube/Throttle House