YouTuber Shmee150 experiences one of the world’s most special modern Bentleys.

The Bentley Bacalar is a very special car, as only 12 of the stunning roadsters exist in the world, but it’s special for more reasons than just being rare. The Bacalar, while based on the Bentley Continental GT, is a roofless roadster that’s entirely coachbuilt by Bentley’s Mulliner division, and that unique design is a vision of the future of the Bentley brand, with inspiration coming mainly from Bentley’s EXP 100 GT concept car, down to the smallest details like the Riverwood veneer on the dashboard.

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YouTuber Shmee150 got to take this incredibly special car for a drive, and experience for himself the completely bespoke craftsmanship of the car, from the hundreds of thousands of stitches in the interior, the detailed bodywork including the Scarab Green color, stunning sweeping lines, and futuristic yet timelessly beautiful touches. The Riverwood in the dashboard is 5,000 years old. The car is powered by Bentley’s W12 engine, and while powertrains like those are a dying breed, the Bacalar signals a renaissance of the art of coachbuilding. Across the industry, more automotive brands are rolling out highly exclusive and bespoke models that evoke the unmistakable beauty of the coachbuilt cars of old. While the Bentley Bacalar is beautiful to look at and exciting to drive, the most incredible aspect of it is the attention to detail and Mulliner’s dedication to making the car truly and irreplaceably special.

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Source: YouTube/Shmee150