The new Rimac Nevera takes part in a big celebration in its home country.

The new Rimac Nevera is finally in production, and its development and creation have been amazing for the brand’s home country of Croatia, as that’s where the business is located, and that’s where the car was designed and engineered, and where it is manufactured now. It’s one of the greatest engineering achievements to come out of Croatia, and it took part in celebrating the inauguration of another Croatian engineering achievement. Recently, the new Pelješac Bridge connected the southern parts of Croatia to the rest of the country, which was previously disconnected by a small part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The bridge cost over half a billion dollars and spans over 1.3 miles, and it opened to road traffic on July 26. The ceremony involved a running race that spanned the length of the bridge and further, live music, fireworks, and the Rimac Nevera crossing the bridge to formally open it to road traffic. Coming together to celebrate new ventures that are innovative, beautiful, and Croatian at their core, the Rimac Nevera served as the perfect way to inaugurate the Pelješac Bridge.

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