Explore endless luxury event opportunities below the ocean's surface.

While submarines have been used as a source of underwater transpiration since 1900, they have yet to incorporate true luxury aspects and amenities for recreational use. The underwater exploration specialists at U-Boat Worx are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind experience with the launch of its all new UWEP (Under Water Entertainment Platform). U-Boat Worx’s UWEP takes shape as an exceptionally spacious externtainment submarine that is capable of traveling over 200-meters below the surface of the ocean. The privately-operated vessel carries up to 120-guests (excluding crew and staff) with a 150 M2 floor space, configurable for any type of occasion.

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The modernly elegant space presents the perfect environment for restaurants, casinos, conference locations, weddings, and other endless opportunities. The UWEP showcases an abundant power supply that allows it to stay submerged for up to 18-hours at full-capacity. The number of dives you can make on one day is virtually unlimited, maximizing your operation and return on investment. For times when the UWEP is on the ocean’s surface, U-BOAT Worx keeps the party alive with a 85 M2 sundeck complete with safety railings for the perfect sunset view. With safety as the top priority for U-Boat Worx, the UWEP comes fit with Maximum Depth Protection (MDP) to prevent the submarine from traveling below its maximum operating depth. Although a launch date and pricing have yet to be released, the all-new U-Boat Worx UWEP is sure to be the next modern entertainment space for any luxurious event. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more lifestyle news and luxury marine releases.

Source: U-Boat Worx