The Ferrari Purosangue looks more ready than ever to rid itself of the camouflage.

YouTuber Varryx has yet again spotted the camouflaged Ferrari Purosangue prototypes out in Maranello, and the time for them to finally be revealed is getting much closer. While one of the prototypes is based on the Maserati Levante, there is one out and about with the final design of the car, hidden under camouflage and building the anticipation for Ferrari’s first SUV. For an SUV, we can immediately see that the vehicle is quite low to the ground, and that suggests that the Purosangue might retain the on-road behavior of a true Ferrari.

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On that topic, the engine note of the car is difficult to hear if at all, as the test mule stays behind a truck in the video, and its driver is quite shy on the accelerator, especially considering the fact that whoever that may be, they are behind the wheel of a Ferrari. While there’s no doubt that the Purosangue’s performance will impress, we just can’t wait to really see it in action. Until the debut of Ferrari’s first SUV, we’ll just have to keep waiting until the day when the luxury performance SUV segment sees a contender from one of the most important names in performance and the automotive world in general.

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Source: YouTube/Varryx