With a new DeLorean on the horizon, the brand shows us what it took to get here.

The DMC DeLorean was an instant icon and pop-culture superstar in its time, and while many think that the original DeLorean and the brand around it was only a thing of the 80s, DeLorean has revealed that DeLorean has been orchestrating its comeback since the 90s, and now that it’s finally come to fruition, DeLorean is showing us the entire journey it took to get to this point, which involved four concept cars that never made it to production, and decades of effort and design.

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The first was the DeLorean Alpha or the DMC-24. It was a concept for a 4-5 seat car that looked similar to the original DeLorean. After that, the Alpha2 concept came about in the 1990s, which was a far cry from the original DeLorean. While it used a three-row pixelated taillight that referenced the original car, the Italdesign-penned car was a roadster with half-gullwing doors that featured removable panels for an open-top drive, and a design that introduced curvature to the DeLorean look, something that the original car famously lacked. Then came the Alpha3, DeLorean’s 2000s concept of a luxury sedan. The rear door was a gullwing like the original car, which allowed passengers a comfortable entry and exit from the rear seats, and the proportions of the vehicle were quite unconventional. However, there was something much different about the DeLorean Alpha3, which was the fact that it was an electric vehicle and the first look at what an electric DeLorean might look like. Then came Alpha4, a DeLorean SUV that not only had room for 7 to 8 passengers but was also powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Now, we have the DeLorean Alpha5, an electric sports car that learns from all of its predecessors, especially the original DeLorean, and continues the legacy that the DeLorean brand spent decades building, even when we didn’t know it.

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Source: DeLorean